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Personal Improvement Program

PIP - Season 2

We are excited to provide our players with activities to keep them sharp during the off - season! We will be providing two sessions each week for players to do on their own schedule until we get back to training in January. The off-season is a time when players can really up their game and improve their individual technical ability. The more time your player puts into this the better they will get.

Every week of the off-season we will post links to videos that we want your player to do below. Most of the activities that we will do will be using a small space and limited equipment.

They will be Two Ball Mastery videos and Two General Activity videos broken in to two separate 1 Hour practice sessions. The expectation is for the player to do both sessions during the week, we would recommend that they do not stack the sessions on the same day, but we understand each players time constraints are different.

How are the Sessions are Structured?

  • 10 minutes of juggling
  • 10 minutes of ball mastery
  • 10 minutes agility/fitness
  • 15 minute technical activity
  • 15 minutes of players choice – this is where the players can pick one area they want to spend some extra time on.  For extra guidance please contact your coach to ask for suggestions.

Week 3 - Session 1

Week 3 - Session 2