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Personal Improvement Program

Personal Improvement Program - E-Curriculum

These are mandatory for all teams and all players in place of our regular training.  We want to make sure each of the players and then the teams, are ready to start right away once we can get back on the field to compete whenever that is.  Our staff are working hard to make sure we have the right plan for the players and each week will be a different set of sessions.  What we have in our sessions is the minimum we expect our players to be doing each day.

How are the Sessions are Structured?

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 5 minutes of juggling
  • 10 minutes of ball mastery
  • 10 minutes agility/fitness
  • 15 minute technical activity
  • 15 minutes of players choice – this is where the players can pick one area they want to spend some extra time on.  For extra guidance please contact your coach to ask for suggestions

We want each of the players to print out the weekly checklist and put it somewhere they can see it each day so they should check off each day as they complete the training session.  We would love to see videos of them completing training so feel free to text or email them to us or share it through our social media accounts below

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