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March 2020 - Club Curriculum

By Steven, 03/15/20, 8:00AM CDT


NWI Lions United Community,

For this month, we would like to present our Club Curriculum. While discussing this topic and trying to condense all the information into an easily digestible read, our staff struggled to keep it simple. As you can imagine there are a lot of details put into developing a curriculum, we just couldn’t include them all. Below we attempted to create an overview of our process of developing and implementing our curriculum.

NWI Lions has developed a club wide curriculum to better our ability to effectively develop players. It is designed to reflect ‘The Stages of Player Development’ and provide a systematic approach to teaching the basic principles, to the more advanced nuances of the game. The curriculum is a living document that is shared with all staff members to utilize, review, and change to better player development.

Below is the overview of our Club Curriculum.

Following our curriculum allows us to ensure we provide a holistic approach to technical, tactical, physical, and psychological challenges needed in our training sessions to get the best from all our players at critical periods in their stages of development. All players need a solid technical foundation to excel at any level, we design our sessions to reflect this by including technical elements in every session. Over the course of the year we have found that our curriculum has been best reflected during our Fall and Winter sessions. While still utilizing the curriculum, our coaches tend to make more team specific adjustments during the Spring sessions.

Our coaches utilize the curriculum throughout the year to provide the proper skill exposure for our players. Over the course of the year our coaches are empowered to make adjustments based on continual evaluation of their team and player needs. Some of the variables that our coaches typically adjust for include each team’s game to training ratios, preparing for tournaments or events, and to improve an area of the game that they struggled with recently. 

This breakdown below is what we use to implement our sessions in week 1 and week 2 of each season.

Our curriculum is a living document and we are currently looking to add a few new elements to help our players further their experience within our Club. We are going to implement a Psychological Element with a ‘word of a week’. Each week our staff will highlight ways each word contributes to both individual team growth.

Today at 5:00pm we are re-introducing our Personal Improvement Program that aligns with our curriculum. The Personal Improvement Program will have videos of individual training sessions our players can use to get better at home. Please visit our YouTube page and subscribe to get our weekly Personal Improvement Program Sessions.

We hope you have found this look into our process of creating our Club Curriculum helpful and informative. If you have other topics that you are curious to learn more about, we would love to hear from you! Please let us know, by emailing me at